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… and I promise we are going to try and take this corporate talk #bs seriously.


OZONE AFRICA is a recent collaboration between award-winning photojournalist and photographer, Jacques Marais, and Adventure Specialist, Zane Schmahl, a key member of the ECOBOUND Events Team.

Jacques is a professional photographer and author who regularly contributes to a wide selection of premium adventure-, travel- and outdoor magazines around the globe. As a premier columnist for the Media 24 national newspapers, his photographs and articles are published widely, and he has authored more than a dozen outdoor books and guides.

Zane has been central to a range of trendsetting outdoor sporting events as both Project Manager and Race Director. His key focus areas are Marketing, Sales, Event Logistics and Media Planning & Coordination.

And now these two #oZone natural-movers and tree-shakers are planning on turning the outdoor media business on its head. As a team they will strive to provide clients with a comprehensive strategy BIG PICTURE Plan, addressing all their media, marketing and sales requirements.

Mission to the Vision

we give you our words…

#theOzone … you find it way out on the back line where those giant, glassy ocean rollers peel and crash, releasing molecules rich in H2-OHmygod, all the while recharging both your brain and body.

But bru, we were damn far from the sea when we came up with this cunning #oZone plan. In fact, we were cruising the arid plains of the Hantam Karoo, en route to a photo shoot (read adventure jol) in Augrabies Falls National Park. And ja, let’s just say those wide-sky spaces went up our nostrils like Karoo cocaine and triggered this #OutdoorZONE idea.

The word OZONE in our minds encapsulate that beautiful space that fizzles and sparks where the great outdoors crashes headlong into adventure. This is where we live and love and play, our Church of The Great Outdoors, and it is also where we want to make magic for your brand or destination or service or organisation. Or whatever.

The time has come for fresh and crispy outdoor content, and you know what? You can’t pull it off if you don’t play in that space. We do and we know it: across the bars, along the single-track, from the top of cliffs, at full tilt from horse-back, and through the spray spitting from a perfect barrel.

SO WHADDAYA SAY: Let’s get into #theOzone!

We Are ‘Originals’

so let’s go break a few rules …

Life is full of rules, but hell man, sometimes it’s good to break them. You can either follow the crowds, be part of that BaaBaa Boring Sheep flock, or you can do things your own way. That is what we plan to do at #oZone … completely change how people perceive your brand. So ja, let’s get together and chuck a few molotov cocktails at the predictable brand messages, the ho-hum flow, the cut-and-paste graphics, the cell phone snappery … and have some fun! You only live once, hey? Except the re-incarnation types, but that is a story for a future life …

MORE ABOUT #DIEOOM >>> I contribute regularly to leading magazines, locally and around the world, with stories and photos in anything from SA 4X4, Bicycling, Acumen, Full Sus, Getaway, Mountain Bike Magazine, Leisure Wheels, Runners World, Wild and and and … I even did inserts and some photos for National Geographic African Adventure Atlas once, nogal.

Add to this shoots for global Red Bull extreme events and expeditions, covering disciplines as diverse as Trail Running, Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Wilderness Expeditions and Outdoor Travel, and you’ll get an idea as to what floats my creative boat.

There’s been an assortment of Awards along the way, including the ILLUME Red Bull Sports Photography Awards, where I was honoured as a global finalist from a solid field of 20,000 international shooters. More recently, honours included both a Gold and Silver Awards in the respected SONY Profoto Awards.


en ja, ons praat die TAAL. En sommer bietjie isiXhosa ook!

Experience and continuity. Kakpraat and jokes. Beer drinker of note. Old Beardie is not that old, but he is pretty wise and high on life, and you don’t get better than that. Yup, Zane Schmahl has been at the heart of ECOBOUND for more than a decade, and has been a prime mover in helping organise and present top-class events such as the TRANSBAVIAANS 24hr MTB Marathon, the George #MUT and HELL & BACK Stage Race.

So hy het nogal hare op sy tande. En as jy ‘n buddy soek wat sy man kan staan en sy woord kan hou, dan is dit Zane. Die tjaaina is nogals ‘n heel kranige atleet ook, maar moenie dat hy agterkom ek het dit erken nie …

MORE ABOUT #BEARDIE >>> Experience as a key Project Manager on a full range of internationally-rated events within the ECOBOUND quiver means he’s had to cover all bases. Skills included managing full-spectrum media and marketing portfolios on these trailrunning and mountain biking events, with a growing focus on Social Media Campaigns, Blogs, e-Newsletters, Videography, mainstream Television Productions, Print Media Publications, Advertising Campaigns, Public Relations and Sponsorship Negotiations. Plus, Beardie takes the ‘R’ out of Relationships. Elationships? See what we did there 🙂

And Breathe ...

Most destinations, organisations and brands have long since been mapped in the hearts and minds of their potential customers. Yup, yours included, and the only way to change those perceptions is to go out and shake the target market’s proverbial tree.

We’re pretty good – both as movers and (tree) shakers, so let us loose. We’ll un-box you in flash, pick up and present USPs you’ve never known existed, and make you damn sexy, hairy legs and all. What YOU see is completely not what WE get, so expect to be challenged. And expect to occasionally get pissed off with us, because we’re not going to toe the JA-BROER line.

Networ(king) is erm … king, if you know what we mean. Imagine this: we know kiff brands to seed into your destination, and beautiful people keen to be associated with those brands, and #SocialMedia channels begging for content, and disruptors just dying to turn up the heat … this seamless process allows us to create a marketing hot-pot combining all those ingredients, and you get to spin off a win-win-win-win scenario.

And you know what? We have no clue how it will all unfold, but that is exactly where our strength lies. No preconceived ideas, or SWOT Analyses, or marketing mumbo-jumbo, or boring-flippen-boring board meetings.In fact, we insist that our first face-to-face happens in the mountains. For NADA, my bru, so gooi us a bone!

Zane Schmahl

Zane Schmahl

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Jacques Marias

Jacques Marias

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